Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mom and Elizabeth

I love this photo. It shows Mom (on the left), her older sister Elizabeth, and Elizabeth's son Emory sitting at their feet. Mom and Elizabeth were very close, even though Elizabeth was some years older than Mom. Tootie will tell you how many.

Tootie, whose real name is Elizabeth and who now goes by Liz, was named after the Elizabeth in the picture, and Emory was named after Elizabeth and Mom's oldest brother. This is a practice that we still use in the family, with several kids and grandkids carrying the names of Mom's brothers and sisters.

In dating the picture, I'd have to do some very fancy guessing, but why not? I'm going to guess in the late 1920's. The hair styles and Mom's age seem to indicate that, along with Emory's age. If you look closely, you can see a hint of garter on Mom's left leg. Looking at the clothing, it's clear that they were dressed up for come occasion. The picture would have been taken at the Smith family home, possibly in Cutter, where Grandad had a ranch, and where Mom was born. Those hills in the background would have separated Cutter from Hot Springs.


Liz Adair said...

I'd say the picture was taken in Las Palomas. Mother lived there when she went to High School and Elizabeth, Ray and Emory lived there, too, so that's probably where it was. They left Cutter when mom was probably ten or so. I think she was ten when the house burned down in Hot Springs, and that was after they left Cutter.

I think that Elizabeth is 8 years older than mom. They went in line: Gerturde, Emory, Elizabeth, Clay, Curtis, Nate, Mom, and they were all spaced about two years apart. The two half siblings, Clara and Anna were quite a bit older. I imagine Anna was about 15 years older than Gertrude.

I think mom was 15 years older than Little Emory--though it might have been just 12. Doing the math, I think it must have been just 12.

On both your houses said...

Okay, that would have made Mom about 14 or 15 in the picture. That would place it in the very early thirties.