Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two cute kids again

I had a real good growing-up, and part of that was because of Tootie. She was always there, no matter where we were, and we moved around a lot. Actually, the family, especially Mom, Tootie, and I, were very tight. That meant that when we moved, we took our support group with us. It didn't matter too much how well we fit into the community, because we always had each other. Also, I have to admit, since we were Mormon, we always had an extended family to slide into. Because we lived mostly in the outback, the congregations were usually small and they where happy to see us (They were happy to see anybody).
So, here we are, Tootie and I. I don't know where it is. I see an old car in the background, and I estimate that I'm about seven (I'm not wearing glasses). But it didn't matter where we are. It was Tootie and me, "She's not heavy, she's my sister," type thing.

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Liz Adair said...

This was at Elephant Butte. I imagine it was before we went to Wyoming, which we did the summer before you went into 4th grade. We used to go out there for extended family picnics. That's extended family not extended picnics. There were lots of nice trees in the picnic area.