Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dad reading the paper

This is Dad reading the paper. He must have been in his early thirties at the time. You'll note that the picture was once in a photo album (look at the upper left corner). I initially thought this was taken during the time when Dad was in Puerto Rico during WWII. Notice right beside him the pith helmet on the edge of the chair. However, there also an old treadle sewing machine in the left of the picture, and on the wall a strung bow (as in bow and arrow) with a feather hanging from it. This indicates the presence of a woman in the household and that it was in the southwest, so perhaps it was during the time Dad was working on Elephant Butte Dam or the time the family was in Parker, Arizona. If it's Elephant Butte, dad is in his late 20's. If it's Parker Dam, he's older. Dad is, as always, skinny as a rail. As he got older, he got less stringy, but never chubby. How did he do that?

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Liz Adair said...

I think this was in Palomas. The walls have the look of plastered adobe, and I've seen the chair in another picture that I know was Palomas. Probably about the time you were born.