Sunday, March 2, 2008

The whole fam-damly

This is a photo of Mom, her mother and father, her sisters, brothers, and assorted in-laws, nephews, and nieces. Mom is the one on the extreme left. She is dressed in her favorite outfit for comfort and travel, gabardine slacks and moccasins (I think they called them "squaw boots" in those non-pc days). The picture was taken in about 1953. We were living in Alaska at the time, and Dad, Tootie, and I stayed home while Mom flew outside for a family reunion. The occasion, if I remember (this is more than 50 years ago) was my grandparents' golden wedding anniversary.


Liz Adair said...

We need to name these people. Do you realize how many of them are no longer on this earth? I'm not sure of Anna's children's names. That is Little Anna right beside her, I think, and behind her might be Joe Lea, wife & family? The little girl on grandpa's lap, I think, must be older sister to the babe in arms on back row--Anna's again. I think maybe 12 of the ones pictured are still alive. Great picture! I had forgotten about it.

On both your houses said...

I had considered naming all the people in the picture, but it is such a daunting task that I am going to leave it to you.