Thursday, March 6, 2008

The kids go "outside"

Color film deteriorates over the years, doesn't it. I can't understand it, though, because it's only been -- oh my gosh, 53 years. This is a picture of Tootie and me at Seatac airport in the summer of 1955. We flew outside (to the 48 states). The next morning, we picked up brand new 1955 Buick, drove all over the west with it and back to Alaska. We almost didn't make it our of Seattle. Mom hit the wrong gear and almost put us into the Puget Sound. During this trip, I visited old classmates in Truth or Consequences, was sealed to my parents in the Manti Temple, lost an eyeglass lens in the Colorado River, visited Provo for the first time, attended a family reunion in Modesto, California. Boy was I beat when we got home to Alaska. Don't we look stylish? Especially Tootie. She is wearing a hat, which ladies did when they went out, and carrying a nice little handbag, which ladies did. I'm natty in a tan sport coat, gray slacks, and buttoned collar with no tie. The coat looks polyester, but this was way before that.

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Liz Adair said...

You ALWAYS dressed up when you traveled--complete with hat, gloves, heels and hose for ladies. Fellas wore suits or sports coats. And women never wore pants in public. When I first started teaching school (1963), women teachers weren't allowed to wear pants. I was teaching in California in 1968 when the school I was teaching at unbent and said we could wear pants if they werer pantsuits. Boy did that make playground duty on a cold, windy winter day a whole lot better!