Monday, May 12, 2008


In Hot Springs, there was only one nice lawn in our neighborhood. Aunt Elizabeth had a lawn, it was true, but I don't remember it as thick and green. I don't even think we had a lawn, unless you count tumbleweeds. The lawn in the picture belonged to an older man who lived at the bottom of our block. The street was on a slope, but the man had built up the soil around his house so his lawn was level. We used to hunt for four-leaf clovers on his lawn. It was green and thick, and I can't imagine the time, energy, and money he must have put into that lawn. In the picture, we've been easter-egg hunting. The boy in the center with the jacket, has a bucket of easter eggs. The little guy kneeling to his right, our left, is me. Immediately to his left is our friend JoAnn Henning. I am ashamed to admit that I can't pick out my own dear sister. In the background is a 1949 Pontiac, I think, so I was nine or ten when this was taken. Possibly it was in the summer just before we went to Alaska, which would have made it 1951.


Liz Adair said...

Not sure I recognize me, either. If I'm there, I'm two down from JoAnn Henning. That's Dicky Martin, the big boy next to you. He was a couple years older than you, wasn't he?

I didn't remember this as the Henson's lawan. I thought it might have been an Easter egg hunt on a church lawn somewhere. I don't remember this occasion at all.

Jo Ann said...

A friend sent this to me - because my name is Jo Ann Henning. But that's not me in the photo as I was born in 1951. Very interesting in deed!