Thursday, May 1, 2008

Out behind the firehouse

This picture was taken one winter when we lived at the Bureau of Reclamation housing at Eklutna, Alaska. There was a fire station there, and Dad was the volunteer fire chief. One day he bulldozed a skating rink outside the fire station, then set up lights around it. In the evenings after school, we'd go down to the rink (just the kids mostly), use the fire hoses to water the rink, then put the hoses on racks to drain. By the time we had finished with the hoses, the water was ice and ready to skate on. In this particular picture, someone is sitting on the bank with me on one side and Tootie on the other. I think it's Dad, but can't be sure. I know he skated with us once or twice, but not too often as it was very cold.


Liz Adair said...

Nope. Sorry. This wasn't at the fire house at Eklutna, it was behind our house in Shoshone. Note the fence. It had a bottom board, and Dad relied on that to hold the water in the yard as he flooded the area to make us a skating rink. Step out the back porch and there it was! It was such a fun thing, and we all skated out there--even Dad!

Liz Adair said...

Just finished reading the rest of your post. Yes, that's Dad between us. I remember his skates--they were hockey skates rather than figure skates. And I remember that sweater! Hadn't thought about that sweater in years.

On both your houses said...

I don't remember anything about skating at Shoshone. I do remember Alaska though. And isn't Dad skinny?